Thursday, July 14, 2016

Simple Summer: When Meg and Cait come to town

Hi All!

Today we are giving you a recap of Megan and Caitlin's quick trip to St. Louis!

Oh and if you don't know Caitlin, you should probably get to know her!

This is Cait! 
She is one of Annie's best friends and quite possibly the coolest person you'll ever meet! 
5 Things you should know about Caitlin:
1. Our mom likes her more than us sometimes...
2. Megan and Annie consider her another sister.  The 3rd Simple Sister!
3. Annie and Caitlin are practically on the same wavelength at all times and like all the same things- Panera Hazelnut coffee, white chocolate popcorn, and TJ Maxx/Home Good to name a few. 
4. She's a Nursing Student.
5. She lives right behind us in KC! We all went to grade school and high school together!

Okay now onto our recap from their St. Louis visit.    

There is nothing we love more than a cute shopping and lunch date.  So when Megan and Caitlin decided to come in town for the weekend, Bowood Farms was the first place that came to mind.  Bowood Farms is a greenhouse that has an awesome selection of home and gift items.  If that isn't enticing you at all, then you have to stop in for breakfast, lunch or brunch at Cafe Osage.  They have tables inside the space and outside among the plants and flowers. If it's not blistering hot then we definitely recommend dining outside among all of their pretty blooms.  Bowood Farms has everything you need to have a perfect afternoon.

 Pretty sure this place was sent from heaven.  

Annie got the Moroccan Chicken Salad and Caitlin got the BrieLT (we ate it too fast to take a picture :/) which they split.  The BrieLT was hands down the best sandwich we've ever consumed.  We could eat that sandwich everyday and be very happy!

Megan ordered her typical, yet delicious, turkey club! 

We then did some shopping at Nordstrom Rack and Anthropologie and ended the night the only way we know how... with froyo.

Outfit Details:
Annie- Dress: Anthropologie
Shoes: JCrew Factory
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Megan- Jeans: Madewell 
Blouse: Loft (old)
Vest: Sanctuary via Marshalls 
Shoes: Gap Factory

Caitlin- Dress: Loft (old)
Shoes: Old Navy
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

We seriously love spending time together and thank God everyday that he blessed us with such wonderful friends and sisters!

-Annie and Megan

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