Sunday, June 5, 2016

Thank God I have you as My Sister

Today is a very special day because Megan turns 19!

I'm super bummed that I'm not able to spend the day with her since I'm living in St. Louis for the summer.  I guess this and an Instagram post will have to be enough.  Sorry Girl!

I'm so blessed to have a sister like Megan in my life.  This girl seriously gets me. She always knows how to calm me down and make me laugh when I'm having a tough day.  She should seriously be the next comedian- Mindy Kaling... She's coming for you! I seriously wonder how she comes up with all her witty comments.

Sometimes I get worried because I think my friends like her more than me, but honestly I don't blame them because she's the bees knees!

The Mckenzie Fam would be lost without ya sis!

Happy Birthday Girl, I hope your day is filled with a Dean and Deluca sandwich,  Kettle Cooked Chips, and an Arnold Palmer!

Love you to the moon and back Megs!


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