Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Father's Day

Okay we decided that Monday didn't count and the week starts today! We're still crying that the weekend is over.  Annie traveled back to KC for a long weekend and we packed it full with friends and family.

We had so much fun celebrating our dad on Sunday!  He has been such an inspiration in our lives and we can't imagine having anyone else coaching all of our basketball teams or giving us the history behind anything and everything.  

Growing up, I've realized that almost everything my dad does has been for my mom and my siblings. He is the most selfless person I know and I'm glad I'm at an age where I can be friends with my dad and realize how good of a person he really is. 

Another standard my dad has set is his love for my mom. His love for her has become a great example for how a man should treat a woman he loves. 

My dad always knows just how to soothe Annie during a meltdown.  And to be honest, Annie probably has a meltdown every other day...

Father Daughter dances growing up were our jam!  Our dad was not afraid to bust a move on the dance floor... I'm talking the sprinkler, chicken dance... we're still trying to teach him the Soulja Boy though.  

Thanks for always being the goofiest and coolest dad around. You're the greatest dad and our family is blessed to have you constantly taking care of us. 

-Annie and Megan 

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